The Royal Splendours of Jaipur

Jaipur, drenched in the rich fervour of its regal past, is the capital of the north-western Indian state of Rajasthan, and globally famed with the moniker of ‘Pink City’. Showcasing the lavish heritage of its Rajput and Jat rulers, this city, splashed in sublime hues of pink, takes one ona delightful throwback to the imperial grandeur in India, prior to its colonization. Considered as one of the first planned cities in the Indian subcontinent, Jaipur’s opulent palaces and resplendent forts comprise a sumptuous treat for the eyes.

Set against the scenic backdrop of the Aravalli Hills, and still bubbling with the flavour of old rituals and customs, Jaipur offers an exciting destination for all travel enthusiasts. Its quaint streets are all filled with colourful stories of their own. Jaipur is serviced by an international airport and railway linkage with all major Indian cities. The national capital, New Delhi is only a six-hour drive away. offers a wide range of tour packages for Jaipur, suited to all budgets and requirements.


The Hallmarks of Jaipur’s Palatial Grandeur

  • The Amer Fort and Palace: Lying at the foot of the Aravalli Hills with a picturesque view of the Maota Lake, this architectural gem was constructed by Raja Man Singh I in the 16th The fort takes us back to Rajasthan’s glorious medieval past, with its cobbled pathways and intricately designed gateways. The palace offers a trip through splendour of red sandstone and marble architecture, housing breath-taking attractions such as the Sukh Niwas, Sheesh Mahal, and separate extravagantly decorated halls for public and private audiences. The view of the sunset from the Amer Fort is captivating, as also is the Light and Sound show, which takes tourists deep into the Amer’s rich culture and traditions.
  • The Jaigarh Fort: Constructed by Jai Singh II in 1726, and also known as the Victory Fort, Jaigarh is located at the foot of Cheel Ka Teela, close to the Amer Fort. Originally tasked with the protection of the Amer, the Jaigarh Fort is home, to ‘Jaivana’ which was at one time, the globe’s largest portable cannon. The fort offers bird’s eye views of the spellbinding beauty of the Amer and the Aravalli Hills, also comprising attractions such as the Laxmi Vilas, Vilas Mandir, and Lalit Mandir within its confines. Jaigarh also houses a museum which demonstrates the artillery and artefacts of the Rajput clans and a complex network of underground passageways.
  • The Nahargarh Fort: Nestled on a cliff edge and connected with the Jaigarh Fort, this fort is a result of energies contributed at first by, Sawai Jai Singh II, and then, by Sawai Ram Singh and Madho Singh. Encased with an elegant collection of armaments and paintings, Nahargarh offers panoramic views of Jaipur, also incidentally serving as a hideout for the British during the Sepoy Mutiny.
  • The Hawa Mahal: A beautiful product of the symbiosis between the Rajasthani and Mughal styles of architecture, this hallmark of Jaipur has over a thousand latticed windows, rooms laid in vibrant colours of marble, domed sunshades, and ridged pillars with floral patterns, in red and pink sandstone. This delicate structure was constructed in the 18th century under Sawai Pratap Singh, offering views of the streets through the windows, to women, who were prohibited from venturing outside in the bygone era.
  • The City Palace: Combining the Rajasthani, Mughal, and European architectural styles, this palace is arguable, the crownpiece amongst Jaipur’s jewels. Constructed in 1732 by Maharaja Jai Singh II, this grand palace hosts a multitude of attractions such as the Virendra Pol, Udai Pol , and Tripolia gateways, a scenic courtyard, magnificently decorated halls for courtesans and royalty, a temple of Lord Krishna, numerous smaller palaces, regal palanquins, British horse carriages, and vintage cabs.
  • City Palace


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